Monday Night Raw Old School

In the fall of my senior year of high school, I stopped watching WWF. I wouldn’t say that I grew out of it. In fact, it bothers me when people say that wrestling is for kids. I put so much time, energy and my mom’s money into that company, I just got tired. It became harder and harder to stay awake past 11 o’clock on Monday nights, and when I no longer frantically searched Wrestlezone for the results that I slept through the night before, I knew something was up.

It was really more of a tapering off. I may have gone into convulsions otherwise. I would still catch part of a Raw every now and again, maybe a PPV at a friend’s house. It was a strange, scary feeling. Giving up something that was such an important part of my life. But with the Attitude Era dwindling, and Bret “Hitman” Hart long gone to WCW, I figured it was time to pump the breaks a bit. It was good that I acted when I did. I’m not sure how well I would’ve handled the whole rebranding to WWE thing. Lousy pandas.

I was a junkie. I would create a dream card for whatever event was coming up. Make up my own matches. I had it all mapped out down to the guest ring announcers and design of each wrestler’s trunks. A comprehensive package complete with an appendix outling the finish to each match, and a list of all potential heel turn scenarios.

I miss those days. A total mark. Ready and willing to buy into whatever they were selling.

I serendipitously came across last night’s WWE Raw, which was an old school episode highlighting the color schemes and logos of the past, with graphics from the 80s and a ringside set from the 90s. The event showcased about a dozen, or so WWE Legends along with their catch phrases, and was bookended by segments featuring Rick Flair and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, the former now sober thanks to DDP Yoga. Granted, I fast-forwarded just about every match, but it was good viewing. It left me in a better mood.

Old School Raw succeeded, regardless of entertainment value. It did all that I asked it to do. It gave me that warm feeling of nostalgia. Seeing the brilliant gold logo, the red, white and blue ropes. It took me back there. A good place to be. It wasn’t necessarily a simpler time, but a time where I’m always comfortable and content. A time and a place where I’m never anxious because I already know what happens.