July 2013

Image: © Craig Sunter

Before You Give Up…

Tenacity is the drive to stick with something problematic or disappointing. Some of us have it. Some of us don’t. I’d like to hear from those of you who think you have it. Is it just inborn, or are there tools one can use to increase it? Suppose you get an idea for a story. […]

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Iconography: The Imagery That Sticks with Us

Last night over some grilled kebabs, the partners at Something Creative eventually began to talk about iconic images. Those photos, videos or moments that have stuck with us once we’ve seen them. It started with the image of the Afghan Girl. Everyone knows the photo: Steve McCurry’s image of the Afghan girl with the luminescent […]

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BofA Epic Fail

Bank of America and the Twitter Robot

Social Media is made up of two simple to understand words: Social – relating to society. Media – a means of mass communication. Pretty straight forward. Successful social media marketing connects with an audience through real interaction. Well, Bank of America seems to find this concept a bit confusing. On Monday of this past week, […]

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